Monday, May 27, 2013

Book Sale Alert!

Hello everyone! Today, I’m using the power of blogging to help get the word out for my writer friend, published author Felicia Tatum. Click here to see my interview with Felicia about rediscovering her passion for writing. You can also see my Goodreads review of it by clicking here.
Felicia’s book The White Aura is the book of the week at Passionate About Books (there’ll be giveaways all week, so check back often!) and it is also on sale this week, My 27-31! The giveaways will include two sets of magnets of Felicia’s books The White Aura and its sequel The Vessel as well as two e-copies of The Vessel.
Also, read to the end of this post for an exciting sneak peak at Felicia’s new book!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What To Do When You’ve Written the Worst Book Ever

There you are, sitting down to start writing your novel. It’s exciting, but you’re scared too. You want to know what you’re capable of, what ideas you can portray and what ideas you can tell, so you lock that apprehension away and start typing.

As you’re going along, you begin to think to yourself, “hey, this isn’t so bad! In fact, I think I’m a halfway decent writer!”

And so you keep writing. Every once in a while you hit a snag in the story, find places you’re not quite sure what should happen next and you sometimes skip around from one part to the next. But no matter what, you keep focused on the thought of how good it feels to be writing and you struggle through. You push on to the next paragraph, the next page, the next chapter.

Until finally you’re done! You sit back from the keyboard after hours and weeks and months and years and years of sweat and tears have been poured into this story. Now, you set the story aside for a while, because that’s what the experts say to do. You go out and celebrate as you get some distance from your story.

Then it comes time for the first read-through.

“Oh, this won’t be so bad,” you tell yourself, remembering the story you were trying to write.

But then you actually read it with fresh eyes. And you feel like crying. Maybe you actually do. Because your story didn’t quite come out as you wanted.


You’ve just written the worst.