Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Author Interview with Patrick O'Scheen

Hey everyone! I’m here today to tell you all about this incredible book I just read called Dreamer – Chronicles of Marithe, Book One by Patrick O’Scheen. It’s the debut novel of a very talented author. I got the chance to read an advanced copy of this book, which will be released on Amazon from Tate Publishing May 7th.

When Patrick asked me if I’d be interested in reading and reviewing this book and helping generate some interest, he described it to me as fantasy fiction – right up my alley. Then while reading Dreamer, I was pleased to discover that it was basically about a dragon.

How, I thought to myself, can you go wrong with dragons?
Publisher’s description: We all have a little Dragon inside of us, something that struggles to find solace… Dreamer is the first book in a series that portrays life as a mixture of fantasy and reality. The main character, Magic, flows between the worlds, often preferring one more than the other. Both of his lives are fraught with their own dangers. He must struggle with illness and alternatively with the life of a Great Red Dragon.

A warning: this is an adult book with a higher level of sexual content. More than I like to read, but the rest of the book was great. You can see my review for Dreamer on Goodreads here.

Please help me welcome the author of Dreamer, Patrick O’Scheen!

*hoards of adoring fans screaming as he comes out*

ME: Hey Patrick! Thanks for stopping by my blog! First off, I want to say how I was swept away by Dreamer and the storyline, its characters and the beautiful descriptions you use. For the duration of this interview, I consider myself a student – here for the sole purpose of learning what I can from you about the craft of writing!

To start out, can you tell a little bit about yourself?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Enough is Enough

A professional procrastinator such as myself could explain away their lack of writing by saying they were waiting for inspiration. Indeed, I was waiting for inspiration.

That’s pish-posh.

Take my recent two-month break from blogging as an example. While trying to decide what to write for this post, I started doing some other things to occupy my time, such as unpacking boxes from my recent move and settling in to my new place. Before I knew it, I was fully immersed in house chores and other such endeavourers.

Then I realized what I was doing.

So in the middle of washing dishes tonight, I put my soapy sponge down and went directly to my computer to start writing.