Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wake Me Up

Sheep are so cute!
I need to wake up.

I’ve been walking around in a haze, lost and feeling confused.

At last minute, I decided to change what this blog was going to be about because I wanted to make sure and include this cute little article that helped get me going again.

It was just the something I was looking for to light a fire under my butt.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

In the Midst of Distractions

(Think: Writing vs. Life)

We all know the importance of writing daily. At least I do.

Creative writers have it pounded into their heads all the time; we should write something, anything – good or bad – daily. It’s just like working out, building muscle.

You won’t win any weight-lifting competitions if you only go to the gym every other week. 

But every now and then, Life (think: sumo-wrestler sized) lumbers along while you’re in the middle of word sprinting or working on your novel (think: pushups), and it just sits on you, making it impossible to keep going (think: not a pretty picture).

Thursday, September 6, 2012

To Mystery and Wonder – An Evening with a Bestselling Author

Is there some unexplained phenomenon in the universe that allows people to automatically tell if another person is a writer? Something that causes you to look at a person and just think, I’ll bet she writes for a living. And what is the strange connection between writer folks that gives them the power to just know?

Lorna Landvik, bestselling author
That’s somewhat of my line of thinking tonight as I stood in my local bookstore with a room full of eyes turned on me while the guest speaker of the evening waited expectantly for an answer to a question she’d just asked me.

“Are you a writer?”

In fact, she had returned my question with a question. I didn’t think it was a question that warranted suspicion as to my profession.

"What time of the day do you find most productive for writing?”