Friday, May 18, 2012

The Lucky 7 Meme Challenge

I was tagged by Christopher Waltz (He blogs here) to participate in the Lucky 7 Meme challenge.

I am so happy I could burst!

Let me start out by saying that I had seen something similar to this on another blog a while back and had decided that I would participate at some point. I was prepared to create my own thread but can’t even tell you how excited I am that someone actually tagged me first…I am elated!

Okay, so the idea behind the Lucky 7 Meme is for writers to get their work exposed to more readers. Each person that is nominated is supposed to chose seven words, seven sentences, paragraphs, pages, etc. from their work and post it to their blog. Then, they’re to link back to their blog and nominate seven more people to do the same.

In the first version that I had seen, the writer choose the work from the seventh page of their WIP/book.

In the words of my nominator, “Exposure is a lovely thing.”

So, I took these following seven paragraphs from the seventh page of my WIP Spell Bound. This one is currently in the middle of some grueling second draft edits, but I really liked this stuff that has been combed over a bit more than the rest and wanted to share it with you all! Trust me, it was tough to decide which ones to pick and I almost had to post this whole scene! But, I restrained myself and stuck with just seven.

Please let me know what you think in the comments below, and I’ll be tagging my picks for the Lucky 7 Meme after, so be sure to check out their stuff too!

Cyrus fell to the ground, face first, his wand tumbling from his fingertips. Nicholas straightened himself once again and tucked his wand in his belt. Glancing at his shoulder, Nicholas casually brushed off a fleck of dust that had settled there during the duel.  
As he turned to leave, Cyrus moaned. Nicholas looked back at the man, his body broken and beaten, and saw him dragging his hand through the dust towards his fallen wand, stretching as much as he could even through it appeared to cause him even more pain.
Nicholas strode over to the broken man. He pulled his robe back and squatted next to the wand. Cyrus looked up at Nicholas with a genuine fear in his eyes. Nicholas ignored the look and picked up the wand to observe it closer.
“Why?” Cyrus asked in a ragged voice, reaching towards Nicholas with his outstretched hand. Nicholas stood and looked out towards the desert, twirling the wand between his fingers. Then he looked back to the man on the ground and Cyrus shivered.
“Cyrus, my friend,” he began in a dangerous whisper once again. “The High Magician has ruled only by the labors of those under the heel of his boot for far too long. I will be oppressed no longer and my family name will be restored in the eyes of all… even if it’s the last thing I do.”
“You won’t get away with this,” Cyrus said through gritted teeth.
“Won’t I?” Nicholas asked with a raised eyebrow. Then he snapped Cyrus’ wand in two and dropped it in the dirt just out of the man’s reach and strode away.
Alright, so there it is! And here are my picks for the Lucky 7 Meme:

Jane Hinrichs (@JaneHinrichsher blog)
Isa Byrne (@Isa_Byrne – her blog)
Bethany Myers (@br_myers) – her blog)
Rebecca Berto (@rebeccabertoher blog)
Erin Knightley (@ErinKnightley – her blog)
Rebecca Green Gasper (@rgreengasper – her blog
Melissa Lummis (@melissalummisher blog
Keep in mind, folks, I’ll be checking up with you to see what you’re posting! Put a link below when you finish, that way, everyone can play along!


  1. Your WIP looks like it will be fun to read! Thanks for sharing a piece of it, Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you for the tag- what a fun challenge! I enjoyed your 7 paragraphs and look forward to reading more of your writing! keep an eye out for mine- it will be coming soon...

    Have a great one- I look forward to getting to know you more!

    1. Awesome! I'm glad you found these seven paragraphs enjoyable. Thanks for that complement! I'm looking forward to seeing what you post for this challenge =)

    2. Hello Amanda,

      Here is my link ( the lucky 7 meme challenge. Thanks again for the tag. I will be tweeting my tagged 7 in the next day or two.

      Can't wait to read more of your story! Have a great one, Rebecca

    3. Awesome Rebecca! Thanks for sharing and for playing along :D

  3. Great blog post, thanks for sharing.


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