Monday, October 8, 2012

It’s NaNePaWe!

Blogger was supposed to publish this post on Monday - sorry for not catching it sooner!

Hey gang! A quick update this week just to point out that October 7-13, 2012 is National Newspaper Week. That’s right, seven days worth of celebrating my profession.

Did anyone remember the cake?

While there’s no doubt that newspapers are the cornerstone of a community, I also know they can provide an unending supply inspiration for novelists.

Just grab your local newspaper and glance through its pages real quick.

Read the feature stories for plot and character ideas. Look closely at the quotes from real-life people to get a better understanding of how real dialogue sounds. Study the advertisements to understand how consumers (people, characters) think. Need to know a bit more about how government works for that conspiracy novel you’re working on? Look to the public notices.

And the ways you can harvest newspapers for your fiction writing goes on and on.

Happy National Newspaper Week!

Just a reminder: I am opening my blog to guest posting in October and November - drop me a line!

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