Tuesday, August 4, 2009


"Where did I put that...Oh! Nevermind..."


"What did that one thing say... Oh! Nevermind. I see it now..."

I am learning more and more that I need to stop and open my eyes before I open my mouth. Increasingly, I do that; I'll start to say something, mostly when forming a question, and stop my self in mid-sentence, because I'll already see what I'm about to inquire of.

As my mom tells me, "Good thing it wasn't a snake, or it would have bitten you!"


"What did you say...nevermind."

When I was little, I was notorious for asking "what" as soon as someone would say something to me. Then, half-way through the person repeating it, I would have caught what the meaning of their original statement was and begin to answer. Of course, as soon as I caught what was asked of me, I'd reply with a "never-mind."

This particular habit was probably the one that annoyed my grandfather the most.

I've started thinking a bit on the point of "never-mind." I'm not that old or wise in the ways of this world, but I see from kids younger than me, starting to pick up on the ways of "never-mind." I wonder how far it can go sometimes when I observe a unruly teen flat-out disobey their parent in a public place or make a show of it. I suppose I didn't always listen to my parents when I was younger and I know we often have a difference of opinions because I'm starting to form my own.

How far will this "nevermind" go in our world?

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