Saturday, January 11, 2014

Chat Pack Challenge 11 – I Just Wanted Some Ice Cream

Today’s question: What is the worst customer service you’ve ever experienced?

When I started this challenge, I did say it didn’t matter how much I wrote, as long as it was at least something each day. So, here you go.
I Just Wanted Some Ice Cream

I was ignored.

No, like really. They had a special – advertised in the newspaper and everything – that if you stopped out and donated money to their selected cause they’d give you a free ice cream cone.

I was stopping out for supper at the fast food joint and thought an ice cream cone would make a delicious desert.

“So I hear you guys are giving out free ice cream today?” I said lightly to the high school kid behind the counter. He looked like he could care less if he were working or not.

“Yeah,” he replied as he watched me drop some cash into their little donation box on the counter. A few minutes later he plopped the food – ordered to go – down on the counter in front of me and sarcastically said, “have a good evening,” then walked away.  

There was no ice cream cone in sight.
Some of you have to have a better bad customer service story than me. Tell what your worst customer service experience ever was in the comments below!

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