Thursday, January 9, 2014

Chat Pack Challenge 8 – $1,000,000

Today’s question: Besides a new house or a new vehicle, what is the single most expensive purchase you would make if you won a million dollars tomorrow?

Okay, I couldn’t resist doing this with this story. Enjoy!
(Play the video as you read the story)

“If I had a million dollars, if I had a million dollars! If I had a million dollars… I’d be rich.”

The song faded and left Christian to his thoughts for a moment. He sat in a dusty arm chair in his cramped living room.

The 98-year-old man didn’t think winning a million dollars in the lottery had changed him. In some ways he was still the same guy who’d scratched down some random numbers on a lottery ticket once. He still lived in his two bedroom home at the end of the block and still had that new car, a 1994 Oldsmobile Royal. Two decades old now and he couldn’t really drive any more on account of his fading eye sight. That and the kids having taken his keys away from him…

Someone cleared their throat and Christian jerked. He’d begun to fade off to sleep, but the sound brought him back. He looked up. The guys in the band stood looking at him. It was a bit of a tight space, here in his house, but the band had managed to get all their equipment in here.

Christian just smiled at the Barenaked Ladies and said in a raspy, aged voice, “Again.”

As the music picked up and the lead singer stepped up to the mic, Christian laughed at the very thought. He had the band on a million dollar contract to play whenever he wanted them to until his dying breath.

The joke was on them though.

His doctor told him he was healthy as a horse.  

“If I had a million dollars, if I had a million dollars, well I’d buy you a house…”

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