Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Chat Pack Challenge 14 – Go The Distance

Today’s question: What is the longest distance you’ve ever walked in a single day?

You know I couldn’t resist getting a good zombie apocalypse story in here sometime during the month. :)

Go The Distance

Mid-afternoon, the sun bearing down and I was about out of water. Nothing but desolation lay ahead of me, as far as the eye could see. I’d already walked far, so far… and I had a long ways yet to go.

“Chase back the demons!” I shook my head to chase back the words, but just as we’d failed in driving away the demons, so the words bore down upon me.

“Don’t let them in!”

The battle of Northberg had been twenty-four hours ago. Had it really been only that long? It felt more like a lifetime. A day ago the monsters encircled our walls, the last fortified city this side of the divide. When they mounted the attack against the concrete and brick that had kept us safe for so long, we thought we were safe.

How wrong we’d been.

Now my captain’s words kept echoing over in my head, “Don’t let them in! Keep back the demons! We’ll be all lost if they do get in! Kill them all!”

But they had broken through.
And all hell broke loose when they did.

Because, how did you kill something that was already dead?

Twenty-four hours ago, that was a question we lost the battle trying to answer.

The monsters had overtaken our city a day ago and I had been walking ever since. I was the lone survivor of the attack. At least, I hadn’t seen another living being – I wasn’t counting the vultures circling overhead – since my escape.

I was making an assumption, of course, however grim an assumption it was.
All that was left now was to walk on. I had to go the distance and find another city of survivors soon.
The lack of water wasn't the thing that would end up killing me out here.

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