Monday, January 13, 2014

Chat Pack Challenge 13 – The Most Comfortable Shirt in the World

Today’s question: What is the most comfortable article of clothing you’ve ever owned? The most meaningful?

The Most Comfortable Shirt in the World

Okay, so this is going to sound really crazy, but I once had a shirt when I was a kid that I loved so much, when it got too wore out to wear it any more, I actually had my mom turn it into a pillow case.

Please don’t laugh, I’m serious.

I have no idea what kind of material it is and that makes me sad because someday it will be too wore out to be even a pillow case and then I won’t be able to replace it. The fabric is really, really soft and stays cool all the time – which is a major thing for me and pillows. They have to be cool to the touch or it’s a no-go-to-sleep. That’s a rule. For me anyhow.

So, when it was no longer appropriate to wear the shirt any more, my mom took it, squared up the neck and shoulders, cut off the sleeves and sewed them on the inside.

If you were to look at it for the first time, you would never know that it had once been the most comfortable item of clothing in my wardrobe.

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